Arkham Reborn

Upon the disappearance of Bruce Wayne and the great Dark Knight, there was a giant upheaval in the force… no wait, wrong story arc.

During the interval of Bruce Wayne being lost in time and Dick Grayson taking over the mantle of the Bat, there was a miniseries called Battle For the Cowl, which dealt with the Bat-family and Gotham City as they made their way through the interval.  One of the most interesting stories in that period dealt with Arkham Asylum, the infamous stomping ground for Batman’s rogues gallery.  The asylum was recently destroyed, and this series focuses on Jeremiah Arkham’s attempt to rebuild it as less of a prison and more of a rehabilitation center.  Of course, the “patients” are still as unpredictable and insane as ever, but this time the motives of Arkham are brought into question, and create a real balance between the inmates and the physician.  There are some interesting new characters here, the artwork by Jeremy Haun is clean and creepy, and there’s always something nice about a Batman related tale that only features the big guy in a peripheral kind of way.  I like learning more about the world he inhabits, or the world that revolves around him.  Either way, it’s a cool story, and an interesting chapter in the history of Arkham.


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