Ultimate X: Origins

I’ve talked about Marvel’s Ultimate Universe before, and while a couple of the latest entries in the UU have not been earth shattering, Jeph Loeb and Arthur Adams’ newest book is a great one.  Ultimate Comics: X Origins is a well crafted look at the place of the mutant population after the decimation of the X-Men in the Ultimatum saga.  This collection contains the five issues of this intro series, and each issue focuses on a different character – some new, some old, and one or two surprises thrown in for good measure.  I’ve had a real love/hate thing going on with Jeph Loeb of late, as I was crazy about his Batman work and Marvel’s “color” books with Tim Sale, but I had some problems with his take on Ultimates 3.  Basically, the UU has been handled best by Bendis and Millar (in my opinion), and Loeb had yet to find his stride.  Happily, for me anyway, X: Origins is a great run, setting up what I hope will be an exciting evolution of the X-Men in Ultimate Comics: X-Men, which just got rolling this fall.  I think being familiar with the progress of the UU will make reading “Origins” a more interesting experience, and if you’re not up to speed… what are you waiting for?!


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